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I love to ride my snowboard and although the weather has been beautiful this summer, I am getting a bit antsy for winter to come. My home mountain is Mt. Hood. Isn't she so perty? She definitely looks better with her winter coat on. Now let's all do the snow dance! Snow snow snow! "They" say it's going to be a very wet winter - Yah!
Mt. Hood
Check out this great deal on a season pass from Mt. Hood Meadows. I've posted some random snowboarding pics below.
Summit lift
Me and Andrew on the Summit lift at Mt. Bachelor.
C on Blackcomb
Chillin' on Blackomb Glacier.
C stylin'
Showing off my board.

Mt. Hood Meadows - Weeeee!
The first Bachelor gang
The gang on the best day of riding ever at Mt. Bachelor.
Busted speed checking before the jump - get some balls girly!
Blackcomb is perty
I love Canada!
C at the Summit
You gotta love a sunny day even if there's no powder.
the swan?
I have no idea what I am doing with my arms, but it looks goofy :P.
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