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mountain biking
I love to ride my mountain bike. I've only been doing it for a couple years, but it's a perfect way to keep in shape, hang with friends and see all sorts of beautiful landscape. I'm very excited about the fact that the Saturday morning crew is getting back into it after a long summer hiatus and just in time for the mud :P.
I rode Falls Creek last Saturday and it was the toughest ride I'd ever been on. We rode for almost 10 miles uphill. I was totally destroyed and wondering how the heck I was ever going to do the 10 miles back. But it turned out the ride up was indeed all up and it was a total blast riding down the trail. It's funny to realise we used to think the shuttle ride was tough!

perty rocks
Cool rocks at the Falls Creek trailhead.
old lava
A cool spot to rest by a caved in lava tube.
wtf am I doing?
The trail broke me.
the lookout
Surveyor's Ridge.
brown's camp
Brown's Camp.
Erik -unaware of the 2 flat tires he's about to get from letting the air out!
The Whistler bike park.
My first bridge at Post Canyon.
biking buddies
Falls Creek.
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